Lectures on Superconductivity



Dear Scholar,

I hope you will enjoy these lectures, which have been created for you over the years in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity.

I believe that the content of these lectures and the dedication of the participating scholars will inspire you to pursue science as a mission and a passion, and to experience the pleasure and excitement of research.

There is no better reward than to know that you were the first to observe, synthesise, manufacture, assemble or characterise a superconducting material or device; to predict, discover or understand a fundamental physical phenomenon.

Good luck with your studies, and join us in celebrating together the centenary of the discovery of superconductivity in 2011. I hope you will be inspired to join the effort to make superconductivity a part of everyday life.

Director, Producer and Editor: Bartek Glowacki
University of Cambridge
Co-producers: Massimo Marezio
Hans Hilgenkamp
PiShift, European Science Foundation

Watching the Lectures Online

The Lectures on Superconductivity are available free of charge and can be streamed or downloaded from this website.

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Structure of the Lectures

The Lectures are organised into sections on fundamentals, materials, electronics and applications.

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The video files are hosted in several formats on the University of Cambridge's Streaming Media Service: https://sms.cam.ac.uk/collection/45.

The Project

A project to produce video Lectures on Superconductivity, featuring contributions from leading world experts in academia and industry, was announced in 2002 by the European Network for Superconductivity, SCENET-2. This project was led by Dr Bartek Glowacki and received financial support from SCENET-2, Pi-Shift and the European Science Foundation. The project is no longer maintained, but the videos will remain available on a best effort basis.

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